Where Can You Go Snowboarding Near Milan, Italy?

Explore Milan's famous slopes, including resorts for the budget-friendly and those without a car.

Where Can You Go Snowboarding Near Milan, Italy?
Valmalenco ski resort in Northern Italy.

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Most people don't think of Italy as a major ski destination, and I wager it's because most people skip Milan entirely and head straight to Rome, Florence, or Sicily for their summer holidays.

While you can't ski directly in Milan, there is plenty of snow near the city thanks to its proximity to the Italian Dolomites and the Swiss border. Northern Italy is home to several top-notch ski and snowboard resortsβ€”and some of them can even be reached by train!

What Are The Best Ski and Snowboard Resorts Near Milan?

Since Milan is only a couple of hours away from the Alps and Dolomites, there are countless ski and snowboard resorts near the city.

The following is a list of the top 5 best ski and snowboard areas near Milan, Italy:


πŸš— 2.5 hours
πŸš‚ 3 hours

The snowy mountains of Bardonecchia ski resort
View from the main cafe at Bardonecchia

Known for hosting the snowboarding events during the 2006 Winter Olympics, Bardonecchia is adored by Italians for blending world-class facilities with affordable pricing.

Just a 3-hour train ride from Milan, this resort has over 100 km of slopes and is versatile enough for beginners and pros alike. It's also one of the easiest ski resorts to reach by train! You can book your train tickets here.

I first visited Bardonecchia in January 2023 for a company ski trip, and our office arranged a private dinner at one of the resort's restaurants. The staff picked us up in a zebra-print snowplow and took us all on a private and bumpy voyage to the cabin. The views were incredible, and we basically got a free tour of the entire resort!

The zebra-print snowplow that brought us to our dinner reservation.
The zebra-print snowplow that brought us to our dinner reservation.
If you'll be visiting with a large group, check if you can rent a snowplow for a private dinner.


πŸš— 2 hours
πŸš‚ N/A

View from the Valmalenco cable car that brings skiers up the mountain.
View from the Valmalenco cable car that brings skiers up the mountain.

With its varied slopes and one-of-a-kind lift system, this resort is my go-to when I want to give visitors an unforgettable experience. The only downside is that it's not accessible by train, so you'll have to carpool with a friend or rent a car.

After parking your car at the base of the mountain, you'll take a medium-sized lift up to the peak. The view is incredible, but you shouldn't be afraid of heights!

Valmalenco is a bit quieter and more local than other ski resorts on this list, so it's a great place for those who hate crowds.

A bowl of Pizzoccheri pasta with potatoes and cabbage.
A bowl of Pizzoccheri served at the Valmalenco buffet.
Tip: Be sure to try this region's unique and hearty whole-wheat pasta, known as "Pizzoccheri della Valtellina". Often mixed with potatoes and cabbage, this pasta dish is served at the resort's cafe and can fuel you for an entire day of skiing.

I had the chance to visit Valmalenco with my Italian friend from Sondrio, a town near the Swiss border. As a new skier, I was very happy with the number of blue slopes available to me!

Just be sure to check that your blue slope doesn't turn into a red one halfway down the mountain. I wasn't paying attention and ended up going down a red, and I had to sell my Day 2 ticket the next day because I was too sore and bruised to continue.

Note: Many of the bathrooms in Valmalenco are traditional "squat" toilets. These are common in many parts of Italy, but they can be difficult if you or your children have never used them before.


πŸš— 2.5 hours
πŸš‚ N/A

Skiiers on a groomed slope.
Skiiers on a groomed slope.

Situated in the Valtellina region of Lombardy, Aprica is a charming ski town that's been a favorite among European snow enthusiasts for generations. With over 50km of slopes and a range of blue, red, and black runs, it offers a balanced downhill experience for families, groups, and solo skiers.

Aprica is also known for its sun-drenched terraces, which provide snowboarders and spa-goers with sunny slopes even during the winter months.

Tip: Remember to bring sunscreen!

Cervinia Valtournenche

πŸš— 2.5 hours
🚌 4 hours

Zermatt, Switzerland
Zermatt, Switzerland

Nestled in the Aosta Valley along the Swiss border, Cervinia offers an unparalleled snowboarding experience with 150km of slopes and the Matterhorn as its backdrop. This is one of Italy's most iconic ski destinations.

The resort is part of the larger Matterhorn Ski Paradise area, which extends into Zermatt in Switzerland. This means you'll have the opportunity to ski in two countries in one day!

To visit Cervinia, you can book bus tickets or rent a car here.


πŸš— 3.5 hours
🚌 5 hours

Trees coated in winter snow.
Trees coated in winter snow.

Roughly 3 hours from Milan by car, Bormio is renowned for its world-class ski slopes and ancient thermal baths. This region is perfect for those seeking a relaxing evening after an exhilarating day on the mountains.

Affordable Ski Destinations Near Milan

The Italian Alps are home to numerous luxury resorts, but there are also plenty of options for those seeking quality snowboarding and skiing experiences without breaking the bank.


    • Pricing: Ski passes are comparatively cheaper than more famous resorts. Day passes often range between €35-€45.

Sestriere often offers package deals including accommodation, ski passes, and sometimes even equipment rentals. The resort is part of the Milky Way ski area, meaning you get access to a significant amount of skiing for your money.

Prato Nevoso

    • Pricing: A day's ski pass can be secured for around €30-€40, a bargain given the quality of the slopes.

Prato Nevoso caters primarily to locals. This means fewer tourists, which often translates to better deals. This resort also offers night skiing, allowing you to make the most of your pass.

Limone Piemonte

    • Pricing: Expect to spend around €35 for a day's ski pass.

Just over the border from the pricier French resorts, Limone Piemonte offers a similar experience for a fraction of the cost. Its charming old town also offers affordable dining and accommodation options, enhancing the overall value-for-money experience.

What Are The Closest Ski Resorts Near Milan, Italy?

The following ski resorts near Milan can be reached in under 2 hours:

  • Piani di Bobbio: πŸš— 1.5 hours; πŸš‚ 2 hours
  • Alpe Motta: πŸš— 1.5 hours
  • Campo dei Fiori: πŸš— 1.5 hours
  • Madesimo: πŸš— 2 hours

Reaching the Slopes by Train

A train at Milano Centrale station.
The 6:30AM train to the Italian Dolomites.

Taking the train is not only good for the planet, but it's also cost-effective. Many ski resorts, such as Bardonecchia, offer train-inclusive packages. You can save on parking, car rental fees, and fuel, while also avoiding alpine driving in winter conditions.

Visit Trenitalia and browse the Offers page to find special ski and snowboard ticket packages from train stations all over the country.

Tips for Skiing and Snowboarding in Italy

If you're coming from outside of Europe, here are a few things to keep in mind before skiing or snowboarding in Italy for the first time.

  • Slope Grading and Naming Conventions: European slopes, called piste, are graded as blue (easy), red (intermediate), or black (difficult). In Switzerland and Austria, you can also find orange slopes, which are extremely difficult.
  • Gear Rental and Costs: Renting gear at Italian resorts is very affordable. It costs around €20-40 per day for a ski or snowboard set. When you decide on a resort, search for package deals that bundle gear rentals and lift passes.
  • Insurance Options: When you rent gear from an Italian ski resort, they'll usually ask if you want to add insurance for €5. Get the insurance! This will cover your transport and healthcare costs if you injure yourself on the mountain.
    Italy has an amazing, publicly-funded healthcare system. If you get injured on the slopes in Italy, you will receive excellent care and leave with a very cheap hospital billβ€”if you even receive a bill at all.
  • AprΓ¨s-Ski Activities: Italians have a unique culture on the slopes, as noted by the phrase "AprΓ¨s-ski", which refers to the post-ski activities that they typically indulge in. You'll find plenty of opportunities for aperitivo, spa retreats, jacuzzi nights, and post-snow feasts and parties while snowboarding near Milan.

Whether you're an avid snowboarder, a newbie skier, or someone who just loves a good mountain view, Milan's options are aplenty. From the famous slopes of Bardonecchia to the serene beauty of Valmalenco, Milan is your gateway to affordable and unforgettable snow adventures.

The best part? You can ski and snowboard in Italy without a car!